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Jesus Christ Superstar Ticket Return Form

Dear Friends,

The local arts and culture scene often bring comfort and an escape in times of need and distress, which is why we want Nanaimo’s vibrant arts organizations to still be around when the time comes for us all to emerge from our homes. All upcoming Schmooze Productions’ performances and programming have been cancelled or postponed due to COVID-19. After 20 years of producing high quality theatre in Nanaimo, we find ourselves in very dire circumstances.  In order to keep our artists and patrons safe, we are choosing to indefinitely postpone our production of Jesus Christ Superstar. This leaves the company in a very precarious financial position. Instead of asking for a refund for your already purchased tickets, we are asking our patrons to use that money to help support the organization during this extended hiatus.

Of course, we understand that theatre tickets are expensive, and not everyone can afford to part with that kind of money — especially when this health crisis has imperiled employment for so many of us. But if you are among the lucky group that enjoys steady income and a cushion of savings, we ask you to consider donating that ticket money to Schmooze Productions, and purchasing new tickets when we are able to perform in the future. Your contribution will help keep the lights on for us as we navigate through this incredibly difficult time for arts communities — and ensure that there is still a vibrant Nanaimo theatre scene once the virus is vanquished.

Please complete the attached form to help confirm your donation of your ticket money to Schmooze Productions, exchange tickets for credit toward an upcoming production, or to begin the refund process.  

Thank you for your continued support of local, live theatre.  We look forward to seeing you in our audience again in the future, once we can assure everyone’s safety.

Keep safe and be well,


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