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Please read ALL information, including the character requirements prior to registering for auditions:


Hair became a ground-breaking and electrifying Broadway musical in 1968 and quickly became an international sensation. Hair shattered Broadway conventions with its vibrant and memorable score, its frank examination of war, peace, and sexuality, and its exuberant riot of color, sound and light. Performed in nearly every country of the world with eleven original cast albums in as many languages, Hair is one of the most popular, most innovative and controversial attractions of its time. Relive the 1960s. Its legendary score includes five timeless top ten hit songs—Age of Aquarius, Easy to be Hard, Hair, Good Morning Starshine, and Let The Sun Shine In.

Schmooze Productions is interested in casting actors of all ethnicity for Principal & Supporting Roles. 

We are still looking for actors to join our production of HAIR. We are seeking male and female performers of all ethnicities between the ages of 18 and 35 years.  In particular we are searching for performers who are black-identifying for scripted roles of ethno-cultural background.

 Please prepare 16 bars of a song from a period rock piece (Beatles, Joplin, etc.) that shows off your vocal range. You may either sing a cappella or you may bring a background mp3 on a device to plug into our system (Cell phone / iPod would work well.) You should NOT sing any musical theater including music from the show.

 We will also be checking your vocal range.

 Prepare the appropriate dialogue excerpts (see below). You will be allowed to choose one, but you may also be asked to read the other, so be prepared. 

 Please dress in form fitting clothes that are comfortable to move in as there may be a dance component to the audition. Bring your best psychedelic dance moves.

 Please bring a recent photo

 Please note: HAIR Includes nudity, sexual content, and implied
drug use. Auditions are only open to those 18 years and older. 

 You must be comfortable with your's and other's nudity to participate in this show. 

 This is a volunteer position with the possibility of a small honorarium.

 Video and Skype Auditions may be arranged depending on availability.

 Callbacks (by invite only) will be held Tuesday, August 8th.

 These are the only audition dates, so please mark your calendar.

 Performance Dates Include: Nov 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11, 16, 17, 18, Possible Matinees Nov 5 & 12.
Other options could include Oct 26 - 28 plus Matinee on 29.

 Rehearsals will be Mondays and Wednesdays from 6:30pm to 10pm, and Sundays from 10am to 5pm. 

 Although you will not be required at every rehearsal, it is improtant to remember that this is an ENSEMBLE show, and there is the possibility you will be required often.

**We are especially interested in your conflicts, as they will affect casting decisions. Please bring your calendar with possible conflicts.
**Come prepared!

Contact: Schmooze Productions at 250-739-0721 or to confirm an audition time. Drop-ins will ONLY be seen as time is available.

Male roles: Claude, Berger, Hud, Woof, and Members of the Tribe

Female roles: Sheila, Chrissie, Jeanie, Dionne, and Members of the Tribe


We marched on the Pentagon, the five-sided Dragon, and we levitated it! Then we attacked the F.B.I. building, but they tear gassed us…tomorrow morning, at dawn, we will take our heads down to the U.S. Army induction center for an Exorcism of the Khaki. We’re going to yip out all the bad vibrations – yip, yip, yip—and we’re going to yip up the sun – yip, yip, yip, yippee.

I wired my parents for money. I told them I was pregnant. They said, stay pregnant. I live with a whole bunch of people on Teeny Bopper Island. I dig this groovy, hip, beautiful living hunk of gold, blond, blue-eyed man, muscle of all muscle, smooth skin animal. Claudio, I’d die for you. I am lost in the unfathomable infinities of your mystical third eye. I wish it was your baby inside my body. I was knocked up by some crazy speed freak. Wouldn’t ya know? Claude is my trip. Methedrine’s a bad scene, and Claude loves me.

Hello. My name is George Berger, but I don’t dig George, so just call me Banana Berger, or Cheese Berger, Unzipped Berger, Pull ‘em down Berger, Karma Berger, Pitts Berger, Take ‘em off Berger, Up your Berger, Any Berger and I’ll answer you. Uh oh, I know, you people think right off, “Oh, look dear, isn’t that a cute one? What is Agnes, a boy or a girl?” What is this goddamn thing? Three thousand pounds of Navajo jewelry. Ha ha ha. Lady, will you hold my pants for me? Mother!! Hey lady, can you spare a hand out? A nickel, a dime, a quarter? Something for a psychedelic teddy bear like me, me, me! To keep my chromosomes dancing, dancing... up the Methedrine River. I came over via Hoboken... the Erie Lakawana Fairy Boat, and in the middle of the Hudson River, through the industrial haze, I thought I saw Donna, my Donna, standing in the water. But it was only democracy's daughter, the Statue of Liberty, waving at me.

Hello, there…. ever thought of how you’re living right smack bang in the middle of the Stone Age? Well, this folks, is the Psychedelic Stone Age. Without a doubt, the most exciting time this weary, whirling square globe has seen for generations. And it’s your age…you are living it, you are psyching it, you are stoning it. It’s the age of electronic dinosaurs and cybernetic Indians, the age where it’s more fun than ever to be young. The age where it’s more fun than ever to be stoned…. I don’t want to be a dentist or a lawyer or a bum or an IBM machine, or a rock ‘n’ roll hero, or a movie star. I just want to have lots of money. I know what I want to be…invisible. I don’t need drugs. An invisible man, I could float around and slip into people’s minds and know exactly what they’re doing and what they’re thinking. I could go anywhere, do anything… I could perform miracles. That’s the only thing I want to do or be on this dirt.